Verticle Sump Pumps

Verticle Sump Pumps are best used for sump where submersible Pumps may not be applicable to high cost

Semi /Fully Open Impeller Pumps

Semi Open or Fully Open Impeller Pumps for Sollid Handling up to 80 mm and als0 high visocisty fluids can also be used as Mixing application

Energy Saving in Good Piping Design System Head

Over the years , we usually come across User /Customer telling us give them a pump at X M3/hr at 6 bar or 8 bar, which sometime overestimated or guesswork without actual calculation. This resulted in over rated motor KW or oversized pump , which is wasteful in term of energy and pump size Even …

Horizontal Mutistage Pumps ( Boiler Feed Application )

Due to the frequent failures of Bearings, we had modify the single bearing to double bearing for better lifespan operation