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Verticle Sump Pumps

1 Nov 2016, Categories: Reference


VSP PUMP ALWEIILER EYCK DESILTING PUMPVerticle Sump Pumps are best used for sump where submersible

Pumps may not be applicable to high cost , if it is stainless steel material

and submerisble cannot be used for HOT PIT , asĀ  the motor need cooling

VSP Pump advantage is that the motor is mounted on top , visible for inspection and bearing failures noise can be observed

Unllike Submersible Pump, maintenance team dont take action unless the pump is not running , by the time it is too late.

Mechanical seal will be damaged by then, water gets into the motor and complete overhaul , rewinding is needed which proved costly

VSP has no mechanical seal installed ,designed with minimum maintenance

in mind VSP PUMP ALWEIILER EYmixtec-vertical-sump-pump

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