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Pump Not Working( Suction Too Deep)

18 Jul 2019, Categories: Reference

Its is common to hear Engineers called and said ” how come my pump not working and  I had increased the Motor Hp  , increased speed”

For Negative Suction, you need to know the suction capability or NPSH Required and Avialable

One case , An engineer instal and pump and not pumping

He changed a bigger motor and increased speed and still not pumping

Then finally gave up and asked for assistance

We checked , found the suction was too deep , meaning NPSH avialable too low beyond the pump NPSHR

Only way is lower the pump or replaced with submersible Pump

Before any installation

a) know your pump data , Capacity , Head , and NPSH required

Motor Kw ( most done without looking at pump curve and performance capability

b ) Know your system NPSH Avialable

c) Check installation

d) If the pump suitable for your application etc

pump installation 1 ( end suction)  pump installation 3 ( end suction )pump installation 4 ( end suction )

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